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        Flight Club Aerospace is a group of young engineers, designers, and community organizers from various high schools around the San Francisco Bay Area working to design and build an ultralight aircraft from scratch in compliance with the FAA’s Part 103 specifications. We recently succeeded in launching our first 1/3 scale prototype in the summer of 2022, a process that provided invaluable information for our revisions process reflected in an improved design. Sparked by a spontaneous lunchtime proposition, Flight Club Aerospace quickly grew to a full-fledged project with a family of dedicated team members. We plan on becoming the first-ever student-led aerospace team to design and fly their own ultralight aircraft.

       Not only are we excited to gain insight into the field of aerospace engineering and team management through our construction process, but we also hope to access professional and safety advice by communicating with local organizations and industry experts. With this knowledge, we aim to pioneer student accessibility to an aerospace engineering curriculum and to create helpful resources coupled with a legacy of creativity, collaboration, and dedication for future students to utilize and expand.


Flight Club Aerospace aims to inspire and empower creative individuals passionate about aviation via an accessible curriculum crafted from student and professional knowledge. Our learning is centered around aircraft design but surpasses baseline technical abilities to teach skills essential to effective learning and team management. By publishing a completely transparent and detailed engineering notebook, we hope to spread our passion and knowledge to others interested in the subject while emphasizing the importance of collaboration in the research field.


The primary purpose of Flight Club Aerospace is to create ultralight aircraft while establishing a strong community where all members can challenge themselves to develop new skills and gain unique experiences. We aim to give back to the community through an accessible curriculum that fulfills our mission of fostering a passion for aerospace engineering.


  • Community

    • Give back to the field of aviation and build a close-knit team in the process

  • Opportunity

    • Provide access to aerospace education and resources for individuals who otherwise would not have access to it

  • Innovation

    • Push the boundaries of ultralight aviation and create an all-in-one course to empower aspiring aerospace engineers

  • Vision

    • Develop technology to make aviation more sustainable and accessible

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